Many Thanks to lawyer Marco Mori

costituizonetItaly is a beautiful country to live, but in less than a decade our country has been put on sale and our industries and small companies have been forced to shut down, because of:
c) the common fiscal rules imposed by our “two” unelected governments
d) the barbaric invasion of foreigner products
It looks like that our unelected technocrats believe to boost growth with austerity and to solve the problem of an ageing European population with immigrants…

Now, I’d like to draw your attention on some facts underlined by a young lawyer, Marco Mori, which show that being the parliament in force today in Italy illegal, it has no right to change any part of the constitution, and moreover, being this referendum called by a non-elected prime minister, it should not even take place.

In this interview , he briefly states how we have come to this illegal referendum:
• In 2011 our government received a letter signed by the ECB threatening us to follow their rules. That same year Mario Monti, who was illegally elected, while visiting America declared: “any crisis is a tool to force a country to cede its sovereignty accepting supranational powers imposing their rules”
• On October 1st senator Garavaglia admitted that our parliament was forced to accept Mario Monti as prime minister otherwise the ECB would have led our country to bankruptcy by not buying our bonds
• In August 2014 Mario Draghi asked our government to cede completely our sovereignty in order to go ahead with structural economic reforms
• Recently our Minister of Justice, Mr Orlando, stated that a budgetary balance rule was introduced in our constitution as requested by the ECB once again under the threat they would stop buying our bonds…
Considering all these facts, you can judge yourself what of a plan the EU is pursuing and should the “YES” win, this means that our republic will be dramatically turned into a dictatorship.

In few words, this referendum does not concern Italy’s exit from the European Union. Italy wants to stay in Europe and we can even go ahead with the Euro (see what already suggested by Giovanni Zibordi in his book), but being Italy a democratic republic founded on labor, it has nothing to do with an European UNION and its treaties, whose aim is to force our country to renounce to our sovereignty, which we are supposed to exercise in the forms and within the limits of our Constitution.
This is the real reason behind the vote on December 4th, it is an attempt to save our constitution and we can only wish the “NO” to win.

Tatiana Coan Tatiana Coan
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