EU Utopia

you can fool“This used to be my country”, that's what used to say a brilliant and foresight friend of mine who lately wished that Great Britain would remain in Europe. Now, with the Brexit, we can say that “this used to be Europe”. At school we were taught that Europe was an enlarged, safe community to live in and it is a pity that this so advantageous agreement for all the European countries was turned by the treaties into a bunch of laws going against the rights of all the European citizens. It looks like that under the flag of an European Union there are technocrats betraying the Union of peoples by pursuing mass destruction plans forcing us all to lose:
• our sovereignty,
• our freedom to decide of our territories, which are now for sale i.e. Greece, Italy,
• our purchasing power, considering the escalating increase in taxes,
• our activities, forcing more and more companies to shut down their businesses allowing the markets to be overwhelmed with eastern and oriental products
All these laws have led to a skyrocketing unemployment rate and, in the end, they want ordinary citizens to pay the price with the probable bankruptcy of the pension funds or with the so popular bail-in.

So not only are all European citizens facing material losses, but the most devastating effect of these policies against mankind is the loss of our identity as European peoples. We, who experienced two world wars, who were supposed to be the mediator between the East and the West, who were supposed to develop a peaceful thought , find ourselves governed by corrupted politicians who are supporting globalization, leading us to stagnation and what’s even worst, against our will, they are fueling wars worldwide generating migrations that will lead to the racial, cultural and economical difficulties. The question that arises is: who are those gaining in this scenario?

By reading “Fraternités occultes et politique mondiale” written by Christian Lazaridès, we can understand the result of the Brexit vote. Here too, I state the same question: Who is gaining out this election? The English people? The European people? No, once again we can say, “Soros docet”, in fact it is the financial power or better to say the directors behind the scenes of this financial catastrophe who are running the show. What’s going on is exactly what was planned, with the aim of making people poorer and enslaving them even in their thinking. “Dividi et impara” is the strategy for instilling the seeds of hatred, putting one against the other in order to bring us all on the verge of a political, economic and human failure.
Maybe, there is a solution left and it does not reside in leaving Europe, but in remaining in Europe and send home those policymakers who have promoted those laws against their citizens, remaining bypassing ECB, as suggested by some Italian economists, remaining by creating real bonds between those European citizens who want to live in a peaceful Europe. Those technocrats, who have not been elected by any European citizen, together with the politicians of any European country, from the highest in rank to the majors of small villages who are betraying the will and the interests of their peoples, should freely and consciously feel free to leave and allow each country to be ruled by financially free citizens, committed in their thinking and actions to establish a human social life from education, to environment, to finance.
It might look like an utopia, but in truth this utopia could be pursuit. Tatiana Coan
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