Story of a persimmon tree

cacoAll things are connected and mutually dependent on each other.
Nature is one unified system.

The fact that the world is a unity and everything in our lives is connected in some way to everything else was passed to us from ancient cultures but in this moment of the human history, which is unique, we, being leaded by a materialistic and scientific thought, are losing the vision of our true essence as human beings and have forgotten the ethic of responsibility toward the other realms, to which we belong and from which we depend. We have been educated to be treated like mere numbers, like machines and it’s sad to say but we are reserving the same treatment to the all the living creatures. Unfortunately, the outcome of this materialistic vision of the world are the number of modern illnesses, the environmental catastrophes and the insane ill-treatments of animals and their diseases.

However, despite the tremendous acts of cruelty we are committing, the mineral, vegetable and animal realms are offering their life to save us by “absorbing and shouldering” our misery. They are literally sacrificing themselves, showing us not only what unconditioned love is, but clearly highlighting the pictures of our inner world. In particular domestic animals have to be considered our mirrors and in their reflection we can trace our behaviors and our health problems.
In fact I have met a number of people whose pets were bearing the same symptoms of their owner. I remember a woman who had a problem at her left eye and her cat had exactly the same problem, the dog of a friend died because of a heart attack and my friend suffers from a heart disease, the dog of another friend of mine had a knee problem and my friend has a severely damaged cartilage…These are not coincidences but real attempts the animals are doing to help us understand what we have to improve in our life!!!!

The same attitude of compassion can be seen in plants. They too are spiritual beings, they are smart and by keeping an eye on us, they too take care of us. It was last year that I had the chance to see a tree acting to help its owner and the story I am telling you is that of a persimmon tree, which for 10 years stopped producing fruits.
After it was planted, it produced fruits only once when it received a Kinesiology session: it came out that it needed a lot of nutrients and minerals and the owner of the garden supplied them all and that year it produced a basket of persimmons. But in the years that followed and for 10 years, even though it received the same treatments of all the other trees, it used to drop all fruits. Speaking with a friend, Paolo Calcaterra, I was told that the persimmon tree can be male or female or both and it is the tree, that decides which role to play according to the environment it feels it has to fit into.

You have to know that this tree has grown up in a garden which belongs to a widow and for this lady, taking care of the outside work in the garden is a heavy duty and this task was usually undertaken by her husband, who died long ago. The tree that in all these years has tried to help the woman is the persimmon tree, which has been playing the role of the missing dead husband.

Once the lady understood what was going on, she started to address the tree as if it was a living being and as a support, it was given special homeopathic grains. This extra-ordinary spiritual being has finally been recognized and thanked for all its attempts to fulfill the sense of emptiness the husband has left behind him and last year, for the second time in its lifetime, it produced 54 wonderful, big and sweet fruits.
It was a touching and amazing experience and it reminds me of the covenant between men and all the realms and how we, as human beings, can heal us and heal the other beings by recognizing their true essence, supporting them naturally and live in harmony with them.

I wish you too could “re-member” the divine unity we live in, and that all matter and all creatures are real spiritual beings.

Tatiana Coan