EU Showdown: Greece Takes on the Vampire Squid

Bail in Posted on Jan 10, 2015 By Ellen Brown, Web of Debt

Greece and the troika (the International Monetary Fund, the EU, and the European Central Bank) are in a dangerous game of chicken. The Greeks have been threatened with a Cyprus-Style prolonged bank holidayif they “vote wrong.” But they have been bullied for too long and are saying “no more.” .........................

In the event of a severe Greek government clash with international lenders, interruption of liquidity provision to Greek banks by the ECB could potentially even lead to a Cyprus-style prolonged “bank holiday”. And market fears for potential Euro-exit risks could rise at that point. [Emphasis added.]

The condition of the Greek banks was not the issue. The gun being held to the banks’ heads was the threat that the central bank’s critical credit line could be cut unless financial “reforms” were complied with. Indeed, any country that resists going along with the program could find that its banks have been cut off from that critical liquidity.

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WARNING!! A robbery is on its way …


The source is a brief and unexpected conversation I had with Lagarde during a nightmare, I had in November.

First of all, I have to say that from my point of view in 2015 we will start seeing the destruction of the system which has begun in December 2012.

This crazy locomotive called European Union, whose initial goal was to get people together exchanging goods and services, today seems to pursuit the role of a satellite state, a colony devoted and controlled by the United States. Since World War II, most European countries have become an American colony. Italy is a great example, since our political parties can be defined as the waiters of the bankers and moreover, the American Army has taken control of our entire territory, while from a commercial point of view we are becoming an American/Chinese colony. It looks like that this Pan European state is like a puppet manipulated by the US and it looks more and more alike the former Soviet Union.

In fact, comparing the story of the soviet empire, similarities are horrifying: Lenin and Stalin, both established a dictatorship, the country was governed by the politburo, a bunch of untouchable responding all again to a Tsar, a new, cruel and merciless dictator. During this regime entire populations were forced to leave their own lands to avoid the danger of turmoil, productive plants were moved from one country to another and people were all close watched by a strong police and intelligence agency, the well-known KGB.

Today, what has happened in Russia is exactly happening in Europe: we have an European parliament which was not elected by us, we the European citizens, and this group of bureaucrats can not be legally prosecuted because of special laws they have made to secure themselves; each European country is forced to produce goods as per the quantity demanded by the European diktats; many companies, and many Italian companies too have moved their production facilities in the Eastern countries, Poland and China and today again, because of a staggering unemployment, we are all “forced” to move abroad to look for a job.

Moreover, recently a new European police service has been implemented, these agents are much more powerful than the previous KGB agents and like the European politicians they are simply untouchable but allowed to collect and check all our phone calls, data, as it had been revealed by Edward Snowden the former NSA agent.

Considering the facts above stated, it is legitimate to ask if the goal of this group of corrupted servants of the American empire consists in destroying every single European country, by “vaccinating” all citizens in the sense of wanting them to become like the so easy to manipulate American population, depriving us of an educational system as the one we used to have, of our resources by purchasing our main companies and wanting us to forget our culture.

Going back to the conversation I had with Madame Lagarde during that nightmare, she clearly stated that we are going to see a a SUNDAY RAID into the deposits as it happened in Cyprus. Where will this happen? On this manipulated European roulette, it might be the turn of Italy or of Spain. In my opinion, these are the most favourite countries since it is not convenient to have this bomb bursting over France, because it might trigger a revolution… French people are used to massively protest and to fight for their country. On the other hand, let it happen in Italy and as usual, we will complain but we will keep on paying and accepting these tortures…

So, will 2015 be the year of the so needed reset? This locomotive won’t probably crash this year, it will probably collapse in 2017 mainly because there are a lot of cows still to be milked.

Yes, the big economic and financial slaughter on Europe will go ahead in 2015. What we can hope is that we will be able to send home this nest of snakes, who in every European Country are reducing their country resources and throwing millions of people on the street and making them bankrupt. The example we should consider is ISLAND, where the people have sent to jail the banksters and the corrupted politicians, banks have become nationalized and the new elected government now responds to its citizens.

It is also possible that someone got murdered in the palaces of the European politburo, it will be as usual the turn of someone who still believe in Truth and Justice or we might assist to popular uprisings which will be buried by the new KGB made in Europe. We can take for granted that those who will oppose this nonsense regime will get kidnapped and secretly killed, news will be manipulated so to keep people away from the truth. We just need to listen to the news on TV or to read any newspaper to see all the lies they are telling us.

Finally and this comes from my point of view, what to expect in 2015 is probably another financial crash as it happened in 1986 or even worst as it happened in 1929, we might be witnessing a new “1929 reloaded”. Markets might start to descend by the end of January and it is certain they will implode from end of February till April.

A bloodshed whose purpose is to kill off those who still believe in the financial markets, which nowadays are fully manipulated.

Can I ask you all why it is the people who have to bail out banks? Why can’t we say no to this illegitimate laws the bankers and the politicians have agreed upon? Why can’t we have state-owned banks?

Tatiana Coan