Innate Systems & Specific skills

PNLThe Innate Systems and the Specific Skills are innovative self-help workshops. They consist in the stimulation of innate systemic qualities and functions in order to re-establish a general wellbeing in the whole organism. They are easy to learn and practice and they can be used every day without the use of the muscle monitoring.







  • It is the training of entire genetic systems for general recuperation
  • Energy Lift – Increased strength, more energy and better circulation.
  • Connecting the flow – Remove the blockages in the meridian system, greater resilience.
  • Clear Energy – New perception, better future, stress release, clear thinking.
  • Creative Energy – Creating new possibilities by stimulating your deepest resources.
  • Life Insight – Access to the nine intelligences and brain functions to gain back your life.
  • Balance Hormones - Balancing the whole of the glandular system.


  • “Tailor-made” for recuperation in specific life challenges
  • Keen Mean Mind – Train your cognitions to integrate.
  • Positive Response – Give a positive response to anything that might stress you.
  • Life Quality – Change the chemistry inside you relatively to emotions and food.
  • Best Digest – Train you digestive system to function as it is supposed to do.
  • Clean Body – Clean your body from toxins and clean your life by unwanted habits.
  • Feed the Glands – Train your adrenal glands to work with all the other glands.
  • Increase Sexual Energy – Train you sexual energy to support what you want.
  • Excel at Sport and Life – Train your nervous system to make your muscles work better.
  • Prepare your Fertility – Train your nervous system to make you more fertile.