Neuro-Training® - Kinesiology applied in companies

Who benefit from it?

Neuro-Training® is helpful to anyone from the owner, to any manager, to anybody who belongs to a company and feel part of a team.

What is Neuro-Training®

Neuro-Training® consists in the training of the Nervous system to find out our inner resources to improve our life quality in order to handle and overcome every day challenges in the most efficient way. It is a modality to get rid of negative emotions, stress, fears which influence not only our body but also the environment we live in. It is a good way to train the nervous system to choose the best options naturally increasing our competence in any area of life.

Applicazione del Neuro-Training®
Il Neuro-Training® viene applicato in sessioni individuali focalizzandosi su obiettivi specifici da personale appositamente formato. E’ possibile anche allenare neurologicamente gruppi di persone per un obiettivo comune.

How does it work?

An individual session of Neuro-Training® is an evaluative process to help a person focusing on specific goals and to adapt to different stressors at work.

Benefits of Neuro-Training®:

How to replace the chains of fear, habits and beliefs, and train yourself with the ingredients of success:


• Positive Response to Challenges

• Recuperation

• Self-Confidence

• Awareness

• Creativity

• Flexibility

• Balance

• Be independent and an active part of a team